Rolling Stone Magazine Weezer

I was pretty excited to receive this one, a portrait of the early 90’s alt rock band Weezer for a review of their upcoming release “It’ll Be Alright In The End”. The piece suggested a nod to the past, therefore I thought I’d nod to the iconic blue background from the band’s first release and also, why not throw in some retro recording gear for good measure.

The New Yorker Happy Valley

Quarter page illustration to accompany the critics review of Happy Valley the gritty crime drama produced by the BBC. Starring Sarah Lancashire as the tough leading lady Catherine Cawood as she deals with the unraveling of a kidnapping case.

On The Waterfront Book Cover

Although more widely known as the mid 50’s classic, I read the novelisation of the movie; by Budd Schulberg; who had incidentally written the screenplay to the film. I haven’t actually seen the film, so let the book’s descriptions inform me on what Terry might look like, and what kind of feel and focus to fix on.

Privatair Magazine Hemmingway & Laurent

Small portrait illustrations of well regarded author Ernest Hemmingway, his jovial smile and of course a glass of the hard stuff! In the same issue there’s a small portrait accompanying a story on the turbulent marriage and subsequent murder between Madame Marguerite Laurent and Ali Fahmy; the story almost playing out like Hollywood noir.

German Wings Morzine

One of five illustrations for the German Wings in-flight magazine; looking at the charms of the Morzine ski resort, and the various activities to take part in, and even listen to a live band playing from a chalet roof!

The New Yorker Hozier

Portrait to accompany a short article on upcoming Irish singer/songwriter Hozier. Delving into the dark themes of his music and politically challenging lyrics.

Pretty In Pink Portrait

Inspired by Molly Ringwald’s hair, I decided to do a pencil and wash drawing of her somewhat bemused face from the 80’s classic.

The New Yorker The Knick

Full page illustration depicting the gruesome and experimental operating theatre as shown in Steven Soderburgh’s first TV offering The Knick.

Security Management Magazine Protecting Food Imports

Article looking at the new means of protecting the foods being imported into North America. Ensuring the FDA are given prior notice to deliveries and outline prior notice guidelines to prospective importers.

Trust Magazine China’s Leaders

Portrait of China’s top men; president Xi Jinping and the Premier Li Keqiang. An article looking at their past and how their study in social sciences, Korean language, teaching and statistical economics paired with a more humble upbringing, ‘sent down’ to learn from the peasants; shaped their outlook and approach to leadership at a pivotal moment for China.

London Calling Gent

Fashion illustration for Tajinder Hayer’s blog The Rakish Gent. A blog that features style guides/looks that Tajinder himself puts together on a weekly basis. This week’s look was all about London; sourcing garb from Hackett London, Mr Hare, Kilgour and Burberry.

The New Yorker Fargo

Full page illustration to accompany Emily Nussbaum’s review of the hit mini-series Fargo; an adaptation of the mid 90’s classic of the same name by the Coen brothers.

Privatair Magazine Swan Chair

Small spot illustration of the famous Swan Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in the late 50’s for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The hotel now is very much gutted and furnished in corporate blandness; unless you book room 606 where the 1950’s era is preserved in it’s entirety, including of course the Swan chair above!

Mad Men Don

Inspired by a scene in season six I put together this piece; a little suave and a little tongue-in-cheek, and definitely a nod to the era all the way down to the rug

Mansfield Park Fan Cover

My own interpretation of the Jane Austen classic; depicting Fanny Price arriving home after her eye opening experience in Portsmouth. Another iteration may follow, as I wasn’t one hundred percent which idea I preferred!