Trust Magazine China’s Leaders

Portrait of China’s top men; president Xi Jinping and the Premier Li Keqiang. An article looking at their past and how their study in social sciences, Korean language, teaching and statistical economics paired with a more humble upbringing, ‘sent down’ to learn from the peasants; shaped their outlook and approach to leadership at a pivotal moment for China.

London Calling Gent

Fashion illustration for Tajinder Hayer’s blog The Rakish Gent. A blog that features style guides/looks that Tajinder himself puts together on a weekly basis. This week’s look was all about London; sourcing garb from Hackett London, Mr Hare, Kilgour and Burberry.

The New Yorker Fargo

Full page illustration to accompany Emily Nussbaum’s review of the hit mini-series Fargo; an adaptation of the mid 90’s classic by the Coen brothers.

Privatair Magazine Swan Chair

Small spot illustration of the famous Swan Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in the late 50’s for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The hotel now is very much gutted and furnished in corporate blandness; unless you book room 606 where the 1950’s era is preserved in it’s entirety, including of course the Swan chair above!

Mad Men Don

Inspired by a scene in season six I put together this piece; a little suave and a little tongue-in-cheek, and definitely a nod to the era all the way down to the rug

Mansfield Park Fan Cover

My own interpretation of the Jane Austen classic; depicting Fanny Price arriving home after her eye opening experience in Portsmouth. Another iteration may follow, as I wasn’t one hundred percent which idea I preferred!

Ethisphere Magazine Sanctions on Iran

An article looking at the sanctions over Iran and looking at how, as a business, is the best way to deal with trading under the newly lifted trade sanctions

Industry Portage Bag Collaboration

In October I began communications with a U.S bag maker, with hopes of customising a bag that they sold at the time. The ensuing conversation lead to a collaboration in designing a brand new weekend bag along with the above promotional piece.
The Bag will be available to buy via the Industry Portage site soon

The New Yorker Noah

Small quarter page illustration for David Denby’s review of Darren Aronofsky’s latest epic; Noah. A brooding piece focusing in on the ark, and the turning point of the inevitable downpour

FusShopUniform 010

Collaboration with online clothier putting together an outfit perfect for spring, with popular brands Edwin, Saucony, Dickies, Penfield and Carhartt

The Touch Agency Don’s 40th Birthday

The guys over at The Touch Agency got in touch to do a one of personal commission to celebrate Donald’s 40th Birthday. An image that shows his devotion to both his family and passion for design printed and framed ready for the big day

The New Yorker Sherlock

Illustration to accompany The New Yorker’s review of the much anticipated return of Sherlock

Dunhill Menswear Spring Summer Suit Collection

A collection of suit styles; from the Belgravia and St James to the Hacking and double breasted. Followed by a selection of detailing; covering the trouser adjustor, Melton-lined collar and custom lapels. The images were created alongside Studio Small for the Spring/Summer 2014 Dunhill catalogue

The New Yorker Inside Llewyn Davis

Full page illustration to accompany Anthony Lane’s review of the Coen brothers’ newest feature; Inside Llewyn Davis. A week in the life depicting Oscar Isaac as one of many struggling folk singers of iconic 1960’s Greenwich Village, New York.

The Observer Animals Named After Humans

From an Elk named after Teddy Roosevelt, a Lemur named after John Cleese, and as current in history as the Horse Fly taking Beyoncé’s name. The Observer ran a piece on various animals, insects and amphibians, each donning the name of a famous person from history. Featured in the Tech Monthly section of the Sunday Paper