Wired World 2019 Can AI save the world from Fake News for Wired Magazine by Marc Aspinall

Wired Magazine

Wired World 2019

Another issue of Wired World under my belt.

I’m lucky to have been asked to make a selection of images for the Arts section of the 2019 edition. Subjects covered AI and fake news; the proliferation of bunk news helped along with AI and it’s increasing ability to self author content. When does it become smarter to discern what’s fake and what’s real.

Holograms will be commonplace with more recent successes and developments, to such an extent there’s a touring Roy Orbison show soon underway. What does the world look like as social media becomes the social norm and in what way that might shape how the arts is consumed.

Finally since 2014, blockchain developments in the art market casting light on a dark corner of the market. The aim is to openly store the details of ownership, authentication and provenance of works.

Wired World 2019 Pluralisation in art, a glimpse into the future and interactive art for Wired Magazine by Marc Aspinall
Wired World 2019 Blockchain archiving for the art market for Wired Magazine by Marc Aspinall