Epiphany for Evil Tender, featuring Hattie Watson by Marc Aspinall

Evil Tender Presents : In Reference


I was kindly asked by Chris from EvilTender.com to contribute an illustration for a gallery show held at The Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco. The piece was inspired by a selection of photographs expertly taken by Holly Burnham, and modelled by Hattie Watson. The brief was wide open, and totally up to the artist/illustrator to follow their own path.
The photographs had quite an ethereal feel, a sense of becoming and being enveloped by nature. My piece followed a narrative of a young girl’s right of passage - where the veiled figures de-robe their white gowns and succumb to the uncertainties of nature; their crowns of innocent askew and with each petal discarded she sheds her innocence and indifference. Check Evil Tender Presents for more information about the show and prints of my piece.