Mike Jones for The Ride Journal by Marc Aspinall

Guide Magazine

Carried Away

Double page spread for Guide, story entitled 'Carried Away', here's a small snippet from the story.

Now, without the inner tube as a buffer, the rapids dashed Jennifer’s body against the rocks. The river continued carrying her along full force. The terrified girl struggled to breathe as the current pulled her under and then up again over the rocks. She continued being pulled down the river, and was helpless to stop herself. Jennifer tried to reach out to grab onto a boulder, but each time she tried, her hands slipped off the rocks. The group leader and other adults saw all this and struggled to try and reach her, but the swift- moving river made it impossible. The water splashing over her nearly blinded Jennifer, and with each tumble she took down the river, she felt the sharp pain of her body being thrown against boulders and other jagged rocks. It hurt so bad, but the force of the river would not allow her to stop.With one more desperate attempt, Jennifer grabbed onto the side of a large moss-covered rock. She clung to it for dear life, the rapids hitting the rock and splashing water over her head. She struggled to take in air without gulping water.