Look Behind You for Guide Magazine by Marc Aspinall

Guide Magazine

Look Behind You

Small Excerpt from the story - 

We walked side by side, chattering excitedly, shining our flashlights carefully from side to side ahead of us, watching for snakes on the road. Along the way from Jill’s house to the church, there was only one place where there was any light. A big security lamp hung on the outside of the building for the generator which provided electricity for Kamagambo Teacher Training College. The light shed a comforting white glow as we hurried by. Strangely, as we passed the building, our lively chatter abruptly ceased.

We walked a few steps in silence, but suddenly I heard a voice, clear and deep, speaking from the bottom of a barrel. “Diane, look behind you!” I glanced around, surprised. No one was anywhere near us. The voice came again: “Diane, look behind you!”