FBI hand Mohamed the rucksack for Buzzfeed by Marc Aspinall

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The Big (Imaginary) Black Friday Bombing

A selection of imagery created for online news vendor Buzzfeed News. Two news stories; both with a common theme; looking at the moral dilemma of spying on US citizens and whether using the FBI to guide a teen suffering mental illness to commit mass murder is legally just.

(words taken direct from buzzfeed.com)

The would-be terrorists had met earlier that year, after one of Mohamud’s friends from the mosque recommended him to the Council, a secret jihadi organization that scoured the globe for potential operators. Hussein and Youssef flew to Oregon to meet the teen, whom they called “a jewel in the rough.” Together, the three conceived a plot to detonate an 1,800-pound bomb during Portland’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony, a yearly Black Friday tradition in Pioneer Square, the city’s main plaza. Mohamud chose the target. Hussein and Youssef designed and built the bomb
 Mohamed sits at the computer, slowly being taken in by the FBI by Marc Aspinall
Judge King, however, denied Mohamud’s request for more information about the FBI’s tactics, saying he would review the legality of the surveillance in private meetings with prosecutors.
 Sat in his cell the punishment fit the crime? for Buzzfeed by Marc Aspinall
 Warrant approval granted. FBI case worker obtaining unconstitutional warrant for surveillance for Buzzfeed by Marc Aspinall